Netflix Denies It Is Blocking VPNs

Netflix has asserted that it is not clamping down on VPN use for avoiding geoblocks. The statement comes in response to a number of media reports over the weekend.


Photo: jps / Shutterstock

The changes to the company’s policy on VPNs was first reported at the end of the December but expanded upon by Torrent Freak on Saturday who said Netflix was now trying to block VPN users from accessing the service from countries where it is not available.

Netflix has clarified that there have been no changes made and it is tackling VPNs no more than it usually does, that’s according to a statement received by The Next Web.

We previously wrote that Netflix denied it was blocking VPNs. We’ve just heard from a Netflix spokesperson on the issue, who said, “Netflix simply uses industry standard methods to prevent illegal VPN use,” and that the company isn’t handling VPNs any differently than before.

Engadget also got into touch with Netflix who were told that no changes were made but some VPN providers have continued to report that users are being blocked. If these blocks persist, it remains unclear what exactly is causing them.

Netflix, and other services like them, have been under pressure from studios and rights holders to block people taking advantage of geo blocking circumvention methods, often referred to as “VPN pirates”. While these customers are still paying for the service (but through a hidden IP address), their particular country has not licensed the content being streamed. In the eyes of rights holders at least, this still amounts to piracy.

Most recently, emails leaked from the notorious Sony Pictures hack showed how studio execs felt on the matter.

Are you a VPN user currently accessing Netflix in a country where it is not yet available and have you come across any issues of late in streaming content? Let us know in the comments section below.