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When we say free VPN, we are already accustomed to the idea that ‘free’ comes with some sort of a catch – which is mostly true. Companies willing to offer free services aren’t in it just to help someone out – there will always be certain hidden agendas behind these free offers.

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you opt to use such free service, don’t be surprised that the offer isn’t providing what it claimed it intended to. More often than not, free VPNs or any other free services for that matter tend to just be more of a disappointment rather than a benefit to the users.

Usually, when a new VPN player comes into the picture, the VPN company offers its services for free for a certain time period. Unfortunately, such marketing ploys often appear to be a data mining propaganda, so many users are discouraged from using a free VPN offer.

On the bright side though, there are a few number of free VPN offers that deliver decent services and connections. Below are five of the best Free VPN services we could find on the market today.



TunnelBear is the best when it comes to providing anonymous web browsing activities and secure and private connections. TunnelBear not only offers premium VPN connections, but it also has a free for life VPN offer. Using the TunnelBear free version, however, you would have to ‘bear’ with the limitations that comes with it. TunnelBear Little (free version) has a 500 MB data limitation each and every month. TunnelBear is simply an easy to use VPN service for unblocking the Internet.

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proXPN also offers 100 percent free VPN access to users worldwide. The VPN service provider offers its VPN for free but with certain limitations. The free VPN is ideal for basic VPN use only. Opting for the free version limits users to the servers can they access, speed limited to 300kbps, will not work on mobile platforms and a disabled torrenting feature. proXPN also has a premium VPN offering that only costs $6.25 per month – which is one of the cheapest in the market today.



Spotflux started off as a completely free VPN service in 2012. As the company progressed, it began offering a premium VPN service. Its free ad-supported VPN offering is still a popular choice though. Another drawback with the free version is that it has limited customer support. Spotflux fares well in the free VPN market as it offers reliable, efficient and relatively fast VPN connections.

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Cyberghost is a simple, efficient and most especially free VPN service that provides secure connections. Cyberghost was established in 2007 and today it now hosts 463 servers in 25 countries. The VPN for free offer by Cyberghost uses OpenVPN on port 9081/UDP. What’s the catch with this one? Cyberghost’s free version does not support P2P traffic, limited traffic prompting users to reconnect every three hours and has limited server access too. For both the free and premium version, Cyberghost allows users to run the VPN service in just one click.

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VPNBook is well-known for offering VPN available for free. This VPN service is said to be based in Canada and has five servers located in Canada, UK and the US. VPNBook is a 100 percent free VPN service that users can use to unblock the Internet and surf the web anonymously. But what’s the catch? Many users, however, claim that VPNBook is a honeypot offer that’s just sniffing data. What people don’t realize though is that VPNBook also has a paid VPN offer. But the fact still remains, VPNBook’s free offer is unquestionably good and reliable.

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