Best Ukraine VPN

The crisis in Ukraine and Russia has been going on for months now and Russia has used censorship in many different ways. Many Russian websites are not readily available to Ukrainian users and vice versa.

In terms of Internet filtering and blocking practices, the OpenNet Initiative found little or no evidence of such Internet restriction practices in Ukraine in a study it conducted in December 2010. There are certain allegations about illegal surveillance practices carried out by law enforcement officials though.

Ukrainians also cannot access popular streaming and video-on-demand websites such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video. This is because these websites only grant access to users that reside in their countries of operations. Like most parts of the world, geo-restricted websites aren’t readily accessible in Ukraine.

However, there is a simple trick in bypassing Internet restrictions. All you need is a VPN to unblock and surf the web freely.

Best Ukraine VPN

Those trying to watch videos from Netflix, access Ukrainian content safely and through secure Internet connections, using a VPN will do the trick. It is important that users know how to identify the reliable VPNs from the bad ones.

We have shortlisted the top VPN providers that provide the best experience for the Ukraine market.



OverPlay is a top-notch VPN service provider that has been operating since 2009. With a growing VPN network consisting of 140+ servers, OverPlay is gaining more followers around the world. OverPlay has servers located in 48 countries like Ukraine, US and United Kingdom. The cost per month of an OverPlay subscription is $9.95.

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VyprVPN   Secure Personal VPN   Golden Frog

VyprVPN to this day already has 700+ servers spread across 40 different countries. It offers a Ukraine VPN service for $9.99 per month. There is a three-day free trial available. VyprVPN, powered by GoldenFrog, is a top VPN service that promises quality and reliable VPN connections.

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PureVPN screenshot

PureVPN is a world-class VPN service provider that is based in Hong Kong. PureVPN has a growing VPN network consisting of 300+ servers located in 87 countries including Ukraine, Singapore, US and UK. Give this service a try for only $9.95 (take advantage of it three-day money back guarantee policy to test the service).

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HideMyAss Screenshot

HideMyAss is widely known as one of the best VPN service providers today. It hosts more than 700 servers in 105 countries. Dubbed as the world’s largest VPN network, HMA operates servers in Ukraine, China and US to name a few. HMA supports almost all platforms and is available for $11.52 per month.

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ExpressVPN screenshot

ExpressVPN offers server locations in US, UK, Ukraine, Switzerland and 45+ more locations. ExpressVPN offers high quality VPN connections to users worldwide. This VPN provider is among the best VPNs in the entire industry today. For the price of $12.95 per month, you’ll get highly secured VPN connections, responsive support and aftersales services and unlimited speeds and bandwidth.

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