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Internet censorship in Thailand is a common practice by the government for various reasons. Thailand is known for blocking, filtering and restricting content associated with pornography, gambling, national security, political criticisms and most especially lèse majesté.

As of 2010, there are over 110, 000 websites estimated to be blocked by the Thai government, and the list keeps growing. Furthermore, in 2011 Reporters Without Borders also added Thailand to the list of countries under surveillance.

Following the outburst of a military coup in the country in May 22, 2014, the military junta has been harshly enforcing the law most especially when it comes lese majeste. They have also been consistently monitoring the Thai cyber space. It is even reported that Thai authorities are determined to track down users that ridicule the monarchy in any way.

Internet Freedom in Thailand

Censorship and freedom of expression is under regulation in many parts of the world. It is important for any nation to enforce censorship laws to block contents deemed to be inappropriate to the growth of the country. However, if blatant censorship and monitoring practices are already compromising privacy and freedom, then it becomes a serious issue that could outrage the people.

Gladly, there is a work around on restricted Internet access. The trick is to use a VPN to bypass browsing limitations and censorship imposed by several countries worldwide.

Thailand may have one of the strictest measures for implementing censorship, but completely blocking VPN traffic isn’t feasible at the moment.

There are numerous VPN service providers out there, but these five are among the best Thailand VPN providers for unlocking the Internet.


HideMyAss Screenshot

HideMyAss has one of the biggest VPN networks in the entire industry with more than 700 servers located in 105 different countries. It operates a server in Thailand so that users there can have anonymous browsing habits. HideMyAss is priced $11.52 per month, but subscribers can also avail of discounts by opting to longer subscription terms.

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IPVanish screenshot

IPVanish is also a good choice for a Thailand VPN. IPVanish offers quality unblocking features that can bypass geo-restrictions and Internet limitations. At present, the VPN company has over 135 servers in 59 countries, 14,000 IP addresses and it supports almost all platforms. IPVanish cost $10.00 per month.

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VyprVPN is the fastest and most secure VPN for Thailand. It owns and operates its VPN network and servers. As of this writing, it has over 700 servers operating in 40 countries. VyprVPN is a top quality VPN service provider that promises to deliver safe and reliable web browsing activities. The subscription cost is $9.99 per month. Users may also give the service a test run for three days.

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PureVPN screenshot

PureVPN provides unlimited and unrestricted access to the Internet in Thailand. PureVPN has more than 348 servers across 45 countries worldwide. PureVPN is capable of unlocking and bypassing the countless pages and websites that are being blocked in Thailand today. Interested users can subscribe to PureVPN on a monthly basis for $9.95.

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ExpressVPN screenshot

ExpressVPN offers a reliable way of unblocking the Internet in Thailand and from all parts of the world. ExpressVPN has over 200 servers located in 45 countries. Users can access this VPN network for $12.95 per month. With ExpressVPN, Thai users can unlock the Internet, thus they can already access sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video.

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