Syrian Electronic Army Targets NY Daily News

The website of New York’s Daily News was knocked offline briefly today with users redirected to messages from the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA).

The hack was first brought to our attention by a Reddit user but has since been confirmed by the site itself.

As of 8:41 AM EST going to the New York Daily News website redirects to am imgur image of the logo of the Syrian Electronic Army.

The Daily News notes that the message, above, appears for only some users and the publication is unclear if any damage has been done to the site as a result of the hack. Daily News goes on to claim that a number of news organizations have been targeted by the SEA. This would fit into the general narrative of the hacking group who took down Reuters for a brief period earlier this year.

“The Daily News could not confirm if the hack is the work of the Syrian Electronic Army, a hacking collective who claim to be supporters of President Bashar al-Assad, or someone pretending to be the group,” says the paper’s report on the matter.

This is a developing story so stay tuned for more updates.

The Guardian reports that SEA has hacked the Gigya network, which gave the hackers access to the Telegraph and the Independent among many others.