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The sovereign Arab country of Qatar is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Qatar’s economic growth is forecast to increase 6.3 percent for 2014. But while the country has truly magnificent and massive infrastructures and has natural gas wealth, Qatar is also known for having one of the strictest censorship laws in the whole world.

The Qatari government’s Internet censorship laws focus primarily on filtering and blocking adult materials, anti-Islamic themes and some political criticism of Gulf countries. Qatar even view privacy and circumvention tools as a means of compromising the proper enforcement of laws.

Ooredoo (formerly QTel), one of Qatar’s telecommunications providers was reportedly having the means of spying on messages sent through the other ISPs. Ooredoo admitted to censoring online pornography and political criticisms but denied spying allegations that compromise the consumers’ right to privacy and freedom of expression.

Unblocking the Internet in Qatar

All countries have some type of censorship. Bypassing Internet censorship in Qatar is possible by using a VPN service. Using the best VPN in Qatar will allow users to maximize their Internet speed and still have secure and highly encrypted connections.

In preparing for this poll, we have done an intensive research on which VPN services works best in Qatar. We have tested dozens of VPNs and below are the top five service providers that impressed us the most.

If you want true “virtual anonymity”, bet on these VPN providers. Here are the best of the best Qatar VPN services.

HideMyAss Pro VPN


HideMyAss is the most popular VPN service with a large network composed of more than 700 servers located in 105 countries. HMA is capable of bypassing even the toughest online restrictions all over the world. The premium VPN service is priced at $11.52 per month.

Read this HideMyAss PRO VPN review to learn more about the VPN service.



ExpressVPN also performed well during our tests. ExpressVPN makes it possible to access geo-restricted websites in Qatar.

The VPN service now has a network of 200+ servers in 45 countries. To avail of this service, users will have to pay $12.95 per month.

Check this ExpressVPN review to learn about prices, support and discounts.



IPVanish provides fast VPN connections to users worldwide. IPVanish is a true tier-1 VPN network that is growing fast. For providing fast, reliable and affordable ($10/month)VPN connections, IPVanish truly deserve being considered one of the best VPNs in the world.

Read this IPVanish review to learn more about the VPN service.



IronSocket offers cheap VPN connections for only $6.99 per month. The VPN service provider has 53+ servers located across 36 countries. Interestingly, IronSocket also offer its own Smart DNS services so users from all over the world can access the entire web without limitations.

To learn more about this VPN provider, here’s our IronSocket review.

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