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Take a look through history and you’ll see that Portugal has a checkered past when it comes to censorship, but thankfully in the modern ear, Portugal does not censor the Internet. As a matter of fact, the country has adopted international data protection legislation to safeguard individual privacy.

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Portugal, however, is not exempt from geographic restrictions and limitations imposed by websites or services that are mostly based in the US and UK. To get around websites’ geographic restrictions, users will have to use VPN services to freely access the web.

Bypass Internet Geographic Restrictions

Due to geographic restrictions, some content from the US and UK can’t be accessed from Portugal and mostly the rest of the world. Such content is restricted because it is only intended for use in the geographic locations that the service is based in.

Whenever someone in Portugal tries to access say CBS, he will come across an error messaging saying the content is not available in his current location. Geographic restrictions can be very frustrating. Gladly, using a VPN does the trick in bypassing all kinds of online restrictions or limitations – thus allowing access to whatever content the users want.

If you are looking for a fast and reliable Portugal VPN, these five VPN service providers will provide you high quality VPN experiences.


OverPlay VPN

OverPlay is a VPN service provider that offers access to its over 140-server VPN network. OverPlay has also a Smart DNS service to help users in Portugal access websites like Hulu and Netflix. OverPlay’s VPN service costs $9.95 per month while its Smart DNS service costs $4.16 per month.

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VyprVPN is the fastest Portugal VPN with unlimited server switching and IP addresses. VyprVPN has over 700 servers located in 40 countries. The cost of subscribing to a VyprVPN account costs $9.99 with a free Dump Truck online storage to back up important files.

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StrongVPN has been providing quality VPN services since 2005. StrongVPN has now over 440 servers located in 20 countries like US, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland to name a few. StrongVPN’s Portugal VPN package costs $21 for three months.

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HideMayAss is one of the best VPNs for unblocking any web content no matter where you are in the world. HideMyAss’ massive VPN network allows users in Portugal to change their IP address in order to stay anonymous while surfing the web. HMA’s monthly subscription fee costs $11.52 – discounts are also available for longer subscriptions.

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ExpressVPN offers unlimited VPN access for $12.95 per month. ExpressVPN is not the cheapest but it’s definitely among the best VPN services today. It has more than 200 servers located across 45 countries including Portugal, USA, UK and Canada.

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