FBI Worked With Lithuania in Silk Road 2.0 Operation

Following last week’s raid of Silk Road 2.0, The Daily Dot reports that the illicit market’s servers were hosted in Lithuania, according to a local news report.

silk road

Blake Benthall’s Instagram account

The Lrytas site (page in Lithuanian) reports that Lithuania’s law enforcement agencies assisted the FBI in the operation, which saw a Bureau agent undercover on the second incarnation of the site since the very beginning leading to the eventual sting and arrest of its alleged head Blake Benthall.

Lithuania’s involvement in the operation goes back as far as May when the investigation determined that the servers were in Lithuania, at which point the US sought legal assistance from Lithuanian officials, says police spokesman N. Mažeika.

There is much speculation over how exactly the feds located the server with the Tor project raising some concerns last Sunday. Some speculate that the FBI used an illegal method called parallel reconstruction or as the Daily Dot reports, some fear that the Tor network might finally be compromised.

Blake Benthall was arrested in San Francisco on November 5 and his fate is currently unknown for the time being.