Home Depot Email Addresses Used in New Phishing Scam

Names and email addresses, some 53 million, stolen during the Home Depot breach are now being used to push a new phishing scam, according to the Better Business Bureau.

home depot

Photo: Ildar Sagdejev / Wikimedia Commons

The email scam uses a seemingly ineffective theme though, telling the user that a relative of theirs has died and left them money, leading them to malicious links but on this occasion the scammers are putting in a little extra effort.

North Carolina’s WCNC says that several BBB offices across the US have been receiving complaints about these emails over the last few days.

According to BBB’s president Tom Bartholomy, one user received an email with some details about his deceased grandfather. The email tries to strike a conversation and gather more information about its victim to try and earn their trust, eventually leading to a phone conversation where the culprits will ask for bank details.

“Once they have that information, the game is on for them,” said Bartholomy. “They have your name, they have your banking information, and as they are talking to you on the phone, they’ve passed that information on to one of their colleagues who is sucking your account dry,”

The Better Business Bureau is telling people to exercise caution and a little common sense on the matter but if you have given your bank details to anyone, contact your bank immediately.