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Internet censorship is becoming a big issue in the Persian region, better known now as Iran. At the beginning of this century, it witnessed an Internet boom. Today, around 20 million Persians have access to the Internet. This makes Iran and the Persian region the second highest population of netizens in the Middle East. However, nearly half of the most popular 500 sites in the world are not accessible in Persia. These include Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. Most of these blocked sites have useful information on health, finance, science, and sports. Some of them are shopping sites.


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Photo: Daniella Zalcman / Wikimedia Commons

When the Internet started becoming available in Iran, the services offered by the government were relatively open. However, the government started censoring the Internet when people began to use the Web to get around the stringent press laws in the country. When conservative leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took charge as the president of Iran in 2005, the censorship increased.

In the Persian region, opponents of different governments rely heavily on the Internet to communicate with the world outside the country. However, this turned out to be dangerous. The Iranian government has jailed several online activists, bloggers, and technical professionals for expressing their views online.

In 2006 and in 2010, Reporters Without Borders had labeled Persia as one of the ‘Enemies of the Internet’. In the run-up to the elections in March 2012, the government imposed strict restrictions on cybercafes.

Iran is also planning to launch its own national Internet. In addition, all Persians who run websites are required to register their site with the Ministry of Art and Culture.

If you live in Iran and want to access blocked websites, the best solution is to connect through a Virtual Private Network. A VPN will hide your actual location by routing your connection through one of their secure servers. As a result, you can surf the web without having to use a Persian IP address. This will give you unrestricted access to blocked websites.



VyprVPN offers fast and reliable VPN service in almost all parts of Persia. They own their servers and hence they have absolute control over their network. Also, when you use VyprVPN you can change protocols and servers whenever you want. This will allow you to visit your favorite websites from Persia.

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ExpressVPN screenshot

One of ExpressVPN’s biggest advantages is that their service works on almost all operating systems and devices. So you can use ExpressVPN on your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. They use advanced encryption protocols to secure your data.

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PureVPN secures the data you send over the Internet with up to 256-bit encryption. Their VPN service supports almost all encryption protocols. Also, they keep expanding their network. When you use ExpressVPN from Persia, choose a server closer to you to enjoy high speed connectivity.

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HideMyAss Pro

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HideMyAss has severs in over a hundred countries. This makes them the biggest VPN service in the world. By using their service, you can get around corporate and government censorship and access websites that are blocked in your country.

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IPVanish offers competitive prices and their VPN service is fast and secure. With a huge network and a dedicated team, they support most encryption protocols and operating systems. They have servers in 59 countries.

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