TorGuard SmartDNS Proxy Review

TorGuard now offers its very own DNS proxy service. This DNS solution is ideal for unblocking content from virtually any country worldwide.


TorGuard’s Smart DNS has zero-speed loss and no logging practices from the company’s side. Using a DNS service may not come with encryption features but with TorGuard’s Smart DNS, users’ online identities will still be masked by the company’s Smart DNS IP addresses. What this DNS product offers is anonymous DNS, secured browsing habits and restriction and limitations-free web browsing.

TorGuard advertises its Smart DNS to work on any device and there is no application that you need to install. Simply follow the configuration instructions and then connect any PC, smartphone, smart TV or wireless router.

When you have completed the setup, you can then unblock websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and other streams anywhere in the world. If Facebook and other social media sites are blocked in your country, you may also bypass such restrictions with TorGuard Smart DNS.

Now here’s the deal breaker. TorGuard Smart DNS’ prices are a bit more expensive than other stand-alone DNS services in the market. This DNS service, however, is a bit cheaper compared to what VPN companies that are offering DNS services are asking for.

For a month of TorGuard DNS solutions, subscribers will pay $5.95. For quarterly and yearly subscriptions, users will get a slight discount; $14.95 will be billed to quarterly subscriptions and $46.95 to yearly subscriptions.


When it comes to unblocking streaming media, TorGuard’s Smart DNS does the job quite well. Hopefully in the near future, TorGuard will also develop an application for its DNS service. This will allow users to conveniently use the DNS service when needed, turn it off when they don’t need the use of it or when they need to use a VPN for more secured browsing habits.

TorGuard has a good reputation for providing amazing VPN connections, expect that this DNS service is as impressive as its VPN counterpart – and it does. You may read our review on TorGuard’s VPN service here.