North Korea Denies Phone Hacking Allegations

North Korean authorities have denied allegations that it sponsored smartphone hacking attempts on South Korea, following reports last week.

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Photo: Michael Day / Flickr

South Korea’s NIS news agency reported that North Korean hackers had loaded mobile games with malware that were then downloaded by up to 20,000 Southerners to spy on the action of their inimical neighbors. However, this morning the North’s state media has “blasted” the south, according to AFP, for the accusations.

“It’s [the] usual tactic used by South Korean authorities to fan anti-Pyongyang sentiment whenever they face a political crisis,” said the Uriminzokkiri agency, who said Seoul had fabricated the story.

Hackers have attacked South Korean institutions before and investigations have claimed that the sources of these attacks have been North Korea.

South Korea adds that its channels, which were under threat from malware, have now been cleared of any malicious apps. The NIS report published last week also said that South Korea has been the target of about 75,000 cyber-attacks since 2010.

Tensions remain cold between the two neighboring nations despite a recent visit to the South by North Korean officials last month but the North has now declined a new invitation to meet with the South.