Russian Hackers Allegedly Breach White House Computers

Hackers working for the Russian government have been accused of breaching White House computers, according to the Washington Post.

white house

Photo: Ad Meskens / Wikimedia Commons

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a number of sources told the Post that several services were disrupted by the breach, which occurred two to three weeks ago.

“In the course of assessing recent threats, we identified activity of concern on the unclassified Executive Office of the President network,” said one of the sources.

“We took immediate measures to evaluate and mitigate the activity. . . . Unfortunately, some of that resulted in the disruption of regular services to users. But people were on it and are dealing with it.”

The news follows recent reports from a number of security firms that Russian cyber criminals were compromising government bodies, NATO and US military contractors.

“On a regular basis, there are bad actors out there who are attempting to achieve intrusions into our system,” said another anonymous White House source.

“This is a constant battle for the government and our sensitive government computer systems, so it’s always a concern for us that individuals are trying to compromise systems and get access to our networks.”