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It is true that transparency legislation exists in Panama; however, the country does not provide unrestricted access to public information. And in cases that involve corruption, government officials have almost always shown a tendency to hide information.


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The media have also encountered censorship and harassment from private sector companies. In one such instance, several trucks from a local construction firm in Panama City surrounded the offices of the newspaper La Prensa at nighttime. They did not allow the paper’s trucks to leave the premises. The paper had published an investigative report on the alleged link between the construction company and the Ministry of Public Works. Although the police force was called in, the blockade lasted for hours until President Martinelli himself arrived on the scene and allowed the vehicles to leave.

That said, compared to their colleagues in neighboring countries, journalists in Panama enjoy a fair amount of freedom. However, since 2012, there has been an increase in physical and verbal abuse against journalists and independent media outlets. Also in 2012, the Journalists’ Union of Panama reported about 60 instances where press freedom was violated.

The Panama government has time and again exhibited its hostility to the media. In 2011, Darío Fernández Jaén, the owner of Radio Mi Favorita, was killed but no one was arrested for his murder.

It is due to such cases that many Panama citizens feel the need to hide behind a secure shield. Careful Internet users in Panama now use VPN services to access the Internet while staying safe from government spying.
Here is a list of five VPN services recommended for users in Panama.


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BolehVPN have their roots in Malaysia which keeps them safe from the US’ jurisdiction. One of their biggest unique selling points is that they don’t keep user logs. As a result, when you use BolehVPN, you can access the Internet with total anonymity. This will protect your security and privacy. BolehVPN supports almost all encryption technologies.

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Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access provides great personal VPN services at affordable prices. Their system is easy to setup and you can connect through their secure tunnel in no time. They have a multi-gigabit gateway that makes sure that you can access high speed Internet at all times.

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HideMyAss Pro

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HideMyAss is unarguably the largest VPN service provider in the world. They already have servers in well over 90 countries. They also make it a point to expand their network constantly. HideMyAss supports both OpenVPN and PPTP encryption technologies.

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VyprVPN is highly recommended for Internet users in Panama. They have a large network and provide VPN services for over two decades. This makes them a trusted name in this field. VyprVPN has servers in the US, Europe, and Asia. They encrypt your data with up to 256 bit AES encryption technology.

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NordVPN is based in Panama. They are not exactly known for aggressive pricing, but they offer excellent services. Also, they have a no-logs privacy policy. With this VPN, your data gets encrypted with strong 2048-bit encryption, which means your details will be completely secure.

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