Shadowcrew Vendor Jailed for 30 Months After Decade on the Run

A Bulgarian national has been sentenced to 30 months in prison by a New Jersey court for his role in Shadowcrew, a former cybercrime forum that bought and sold stolen credit card details.


Aleksi Kolarov. Photo:

Aleksi Kolarov (32) had been on the run for nearly ten years but pleaded guilty to the charges against him, including identity theft, which also included claims he served as vendor on the site, completing a number of transactions.

The forum caused $4 million worth of losses and was shut down in 2004 by the US Department of Justice and Secret Service, though it seems like small pickings now when compared to the massive hacking heists of 2014.

Kolarov went on the run but was finally arrested in the summer of 2011 in Paraguay in possession of counterfeit cards and thousands of dollars in different currencies, and was extradited to the US last year, while 18 others were indicted for their involvement.

One particular Shadowcrew member was Albert Gonzalez, who according to was believed to be assisting authorities in their investigation but was actually “double dealing” and using his new found privileged access to commit new hacks against major retailers. He was stopped in 2008 and is now serving 20 years.

Kolarov was originally facing five years in prison but will only serve 30 months in a ruling from US District Judge William Martini in a court in Newark this week.

“Aleksi Kolorov has now admitted his role in the most notorious online cybercrime marketplace of its time, selling the means to steal money and identities to other criminals,” said U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman.

Three more Shadowcrew members remain uncaptured according to authorities.