New Reports Claim Data Breach at Staples

Retail store Staples is investigating a potential data breach at some of its stores in the Northeast, according to a report from Brian Krebs.


Photo: Niloo / Shutterstock

Krebs says he has received the tip from a “half-dozen sources” on the East Coast and it appears “likely” that criminals have hacked and stolen card data from several Staples stores in states including New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Staples has more than 1,800 stores across the States with a spokesperson issuing the following statement:

“We take the protection of customer information very seriously, and are working to resolve the situation… If Staples discovers an issue, it is important to note that customers are not responsible for any fraudulent activity on their credit cards that is reported on [in] a timely basis.”

The report has not been completely verified yet but if true, Staples will be just another retail chain in a long line of data breaches of late, the most recent being Kmart.

The news first emerged on Monday evening, the very same day that Apple launched its much-touted Apple Pay mobile payments system. Staples is one of the chains supporting it. Apple claims that its service will be more secure than standard credit card transactions.

This is a developing story.