ProxyDNS Review

It would appear that unrestricted web browsing and streaming activities are no longer possible these days. Realistically speaking, web access is no longer as ‘free’ as it was years ago. Content available to the public is already highly regulated due to issues involving piracy and copyright. As a result, the promised world wide web browsing experiences have become geo-targeted web browsing.


DNS services are now catching up with VPN services. The popularity of DNS solutions has been growing since streaming media started blocking and banning VPN-related traffics.

ProxyDNS is one of the many DNS services promising to bypass geographic restrictions. ProxyDNS’ offers free access to Pandora and Grooveshark. To be able to unblock more websites, interested users can buy a paid ProxyDNS account that unblocks Netflix, Hulu, ABC, Amazon Prime and others.

ProxyDNS Pricing Details

To get full access to ProxyDNS for a month, customers will have to pay $3.90. Now, if they are willing to pay for a three-month subscription term, they will be given a discount and will only pay for $10.00. For a six-month subscription, potential customers will pay $18.00. To avail of the biggest discount the company is offering, users need to buy a full year of ProxyDNS solutions that costs $35.00.

At present, the only free trial access that the company is offering is the Free access to Pandora and Grooveshark. It does offer a seven-day money back guarantee to see if the service works for you.

Supported Devices

There is no software that users need to install in order to user ProxyDNS. All they have to do is setup their device of choice to start using ProxyDNS’ servers. ProxyDNS will work on PCs, Mac, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox 360, PS3, iPad, DD-WRT routers and many more.

Setup instructions are extremely detailed with matching screenshots so users can easily configure the service on their first attempt. For further assistance, users may check with the support system. Unfortunately, ProxyDNS’s only support platform is through a ticketing system. No live chat feature is available at the moment.

Servers, Connection Speeds and Supported Sites

Among the websites that ProxyDNS claims to be able to unblock are the following:

    Amazon Instant Video
    Disney Channels

ProxyDNS Conclusion

ProxyDNS passes all our standards for a DNS solution. It’s definitely a legit DNS service, it performs well and it does make you forget about geographic restrictions. We’d recommend it to those looking for a reliable DNS service that could unblock the most popular streaming websites. However, we’d like to stress that ProxyDNS may not be the ultimate DNS solution for unblocking ALL websites or stream media. Nevertheless, if you’re only looking to unblock Netflix and Hulu, ProxyDNS will suffice.