DNS Eraser (Beta) Review

DNS Eraser is the newest addition to the growing list of Smart DNS services. At present, DNS Eraser is still in beta phase which means interested users will need to request a test account from the company offering the DNS solution. Trial accounts are free of charge.

DNS Eraser Logo

This DNS service can help users unblock content or websites that are limited to a specific target market or audience. The increasing demand for DNS solutions is possible because most stream media are already banning VPN-related traffic. DNS services are now more prominently used to access restricted media.

DNS Eraser promises to provide unthrottled Internet connections. While connected to the DNS network, users will be able to maximize their connection speeds in streaming online media content.

DNS Eraser support various channels that are geo-restricted. Most sites that DNS Eraser is capable of unblocking are those from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Below are some of the popular websites that can be unblocked from anywhere in the world using DNS Eraser.

DNS Eraser

ABC, MTV, NBC, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Nickelodean, Oprah, Pandora, Bravo TV, Rdio, Disney Channel, Sony Music Unlimited, Facebook, Spotify, Fox

DNS Eraser is compatible with Mac OSX, Windows 7 and 8, popular gaming devices (Xbox 360, PS3) and streaming devices. The DNS service will also work on Android devices, Window Phone 8, iOS units and the Kindle Fire. Quick and easy setup instructions are available on DNS Eraser’s website.

DNS Eraser is a surprisingly good Smart DNS service considering it’s still in beta release.

Compared to other more prominent DNS services being offered by top VPN companies, DNS Eraser clearly isn’t cut out for unblocking all kinds of content all over the world. Well, that’s because it’s just a beta product. Hopefully when it gets a full release, it will most likely be able to unblock more channels, more websites and more content. For now, DNS Eraser (beta) will do.