IPVanish Launches New iOS8 App

IPVanish has launched its new app for iOS8 with a redesign targeted at the users of the new operating system.


There are four chief new features in the VPN provider’s new app, including a new single-swipe VPN connection feature for greater usability, which allows the user to turn off their VPN connection in one swipe.

Secondly, Visible IP Address and Server Connection gives users the chance to view their current publicly viewable IP address before connecting to a VPN server. Meanwhile there is the addition of Automatic Connection, which you can use to automatically connect to IPVanish when you’re logging onto public Wi-Fi networks.

Finally, there’s Persistent Connection, which maintains your VPN connection when in standby or locked screen.

The new app is available in the App Store. You can also check out our review of IPVanish’s services.