SmartyDNS Review

SmartyDNS is just one of the many DNS services that’s increasing in popularity and demand for these days. Smart DNSs, unlike VPNs, don’t provide security features such as encryption or anonymity. It is, however, a better tool for unblocking geo-restricted websites and content all over the Internet than with a VPN.


SmartyDNS is mainly for unblocking restricted media websites available to US, UK and Poland users only. Users looking to bypass media content from restricted sites in the countries mentioned will be able to easily access them using SmartyDNS.

SmartyDNS Pricing Details

The service can be tested out for 14 days upon registration. Interested users need not provide any credit card details to avail of the trial account. Other Smart DNS services make it mandatory to provide credit card or payment details just to get access to a test account. SmartyDNS generously lets anyone test the service for 14 days.

After the 14-day trial period though, users will have to whether subscribe to a paid account or simply use other DNS services. If you are satisfied with the service, you can continue using SmartyDNS on a monthly subscription. For a month of SmartyDNS traffic, interested subscribers would only pay $4.99. To save a few bucks, users may also choose to subscribe to multi-month terms. Three months of SmartyDNS connections costs $13.49, six months costs $23.99 and 12 months costs $39.99.

Each premium account gets 30-day money back guarantee. But that’s not all. Users can get a 50 percent discount if they sign up with another SmartyDNS package. This special offer is available as long as the main account is active.

Payment methods are as follows: Credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, WebMoney, YandexMoney, BoletoBancario and Qiwi

Supported Devices

SmartyDNS will work on almost all popular operating systems and devices. The DNS service supports Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Roku device, Samsung TV, Xbox, PS3 and more.

There is even an easy-to use application that is available for the Windows platform. With the SmartyDNS app, users will simply need to turn it on and it should be working right away. They can turn it off any time as well.

Servers, Connection Speeds & Supported Sites

SmartyDNS can unblock almost all websites that are blocked outside the United States, United Kingdom and Poland. Among the channels and websites that SmartyDNS can unblock are Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, Fox and ESPN Player.

Customer Support System

For further assistance, subscribers may ask for help through a ticketing system. Users have access to a live chat feature that is available during workdays CET time. Setup instructions are also available on the website.

SmartyDNS Service: Conclusion

SmartyDNS looks promising and it should have no problem competing against other Smart DNS service providers. SmartyDNS is focused on providing pure Smart DNS and we can say that it’s doing just that. Although it only support channels in three countries, the company has stated that it will soon add more channels from other countries as they progress. In terms of unblocking channels or websites, SmartyDNS is among the best in the industry.