SmarterDNS Review

It seems that most VPN service providers are already developing their own DNS services. Adding to the list of VPNs that offer both VPN and DNS solutions is with its very own DNS offering, SmarterDNS.


Smart DNS services are becoming more popular these days as VPN alone cannot provide access to geo-restricted websites already. VPNSecure’s SmarterDNS looks promising – so we had to test it out.

SmarterDNS Pricing Details

SmarterDNS offer unlimited bandwidth and can bypass almost all geo-restricted websites or content for affordable monthly charges. The Smart DNS service costs $4.95 per month. With a SmarterDNS subscription, users will be able to access the company’s 28 global DNS servers.

Users can also save a few bucks if they subscribe to longer subscription terms. Six months’ worth of SmarterDNS subscription only costs $25.00, that’s 15 percent savings. If users opt to be billed annually, they will only pay $45.00.

Unfortunately, SmarterDNS is not available for free testing.

Supported Devices

SmarterDNS support PCs (Windows and Mac OSX), mobile devices (Android, iPad, iPhone), gaming consoles (Playstation, Xbox, Wii), Smart TVs and set-top boxes (Roku, Apple TV).

Unlike most DNS service providers, SmarterDNS offer more than just a DNS solution. VPN Secure’s SmarterDNS offer downloadable DNS Switcher applications for Mac OSX, Windows and iOS powered devices to bypass any manual configurations needed just to run the DNS service.

Servers, Connection Speeds & Supported Sites

SmarterDNS has at least 28 DNS servers located across the globe. Over 30 popular streaming websites are supported by the DNS provider. SmarterDNS can bypass restrictions imposed by Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, ABC, AFL TV, BBC, iTV,Channel 5, Channel 4, Vevo, Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Rhapsody, MTV, Adult Swim, Chrunchy Roll, NBC, CBS, TBS, TNT, TruTV, Fox and Universal Sports.

If you can’t access certain websites, simply inform support and they will provide you access to it.

Customer Support System

We spoke with a customer support representative through Live Chat which they responded immediately. Queries and technical concerns can also be sent via a support ticket. SmarterDNS is also available to connect with on social networks.

SmarterDNS Review Conclusion

SmarterDNS is slightly above the competition when it comes to performance. Its quick and easy activation is probably one of its biggest selling points. The only concern we have is the lack of support to other media devices like routers and Android devices. We hope SmarterDNS broaden its support to all devices capable of accessing the web. Check out this DNS service, it’s worth giving it a shot.