ibDNS Review

ibDNS is a Smart DNS solution offered by ibVPN, a highly-recommended VPN service that provides affordable VPN access.

VPN is technically a good way of bypassing Internet restrictions and censorship. Streaming media, however, have caught up to the trend of using VPN to access content even if the user is outside their geographic operations.

Apparently, accessing US-only content using a VPN is now becoming a thing of the past. Smart DNS now provides the better solution to bypassing geographic restrictions imposed by streaming media and other websites.

ibVPN is among the trusted VPN brands today – will its very own DNS service exceed the expectations of the company’s followers?


ibDNS Pricing Details

ibDNS is priced similarly as its competitors. For a month of DNS service, subscribers will have to pay $4.95. The company of course offer discounts for multi-month subscription terms.

ibDNS costs $10.95 for three months, $19.95 for six months and $36.95 for a year. If subscribers are interested in having both the VPN and DNS services, they can opt to purchase the Ultimate VPN or Total VPN packages.

This DNS service is not really for those who are looking for free test accounts to access geo-restricted websites. Although ibDNS offers free trials, it only lasts for six hours. The best freebie that the company offers is the discount that comes with multi-month purchases. Subscribers can save up to 38 percent on long-term subscriptions.

Supported Devices

Unlike its competitors, ibDNS will only work on certain PC platforms and smartphones. It does not seem to support gaming consoles, smart TVs and wireless routers. iOS powered devices are also supported but under certain conditions.

Servers and Connection Speeds

ibDNS clearly states on its website that it will not impose any speed or reliability losses. Your connection speed will most likely be the same as your regular Internet connection. This is because most DNS services do not have any sort of privacy protections nor they do encrypt traffic.

The company has over 80 servers in more than 30 countries.

Sites You Can Access

ibDNS is ideal for unblocking channels from the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Netherland, Finland, Latin America, Middle East and certain parts of the world.

Some of the channels that ibDNS can unblock are as follows: Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, ABC, Vudu, NBC, Amazon Video, VH1, South Park Studios, Fox and many more!

Customer Support System

The company behind ibVPN and ibDNS provide an amazing customer support. They have a live chat support system, ticketing system and a database of FAQs, tutorials and troubleshooting instructions.

ibDNS Service: Review Conclusion

Overall, ibDNS is a quality DNS service. No matter what type of restricted content you want to access, ibDNS seems to be able to unblock it. The only thing that it falls short to is its lack of support to Internet-capable devices such as consoles and smart TVs. Other than that, we can’t really complain about anything really. The service delivered what it promised and it certainly exceeded our expectations. We’ll recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable DNS solution.