China Approves the iPhone 6 Despite Security Concerns

China has approved the iPhone 6 for sale in the country despite previous security concerns over Apple’s new flagship device.

iphone 6

October 17 has been set as the official release date after Apple passed a number of regulatory hurdles and proved to the Chinese authorities that no backdoors exist in the device that could be exploited by the US.

Approval was granted by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Tuesday, which has become much more vigilant now on Chinese users’ data being accessed by foreign intelligence.

The New York Times reports the Ministry as saying:

“If companies are found to violate personal information protection policies, the ministry will investigate and take care of the problem according to relevant laws and regulations.”

The iPhone 6 was initially released on September 19 in North America but the device was delayed in China due to security concerns, which caused another headache for Apple over the last few weeks.

This approval for a specific device is the first of its kind and may suggest Apple, and indeed other manufacturers, could be subject more rigorous standards in the future. China has been much critical of American tech products and services over the last few months, even going as far as banning US made anti-virus software.

With a release date now official, analysts expect Apple’s new phones to perform well in the Chinese market regardless of these obstacles.