Up to 750K Customers’ Data Leaked at Japan Airlines

Up to 750,000 people have been affected by a data breach at Japan Airlines, but the airliner has not confirmed if bank details and passwords are among the data.

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Photo: Sergey Kustov / Shutterstock

The data was stolen from the company’s frequent flier program, says the Japan Times, and vaguely states that any number of customers between 110,000 and 750,000 are impacted.

The compromised information includes names, addresses, gender, and work details. Japan Airlines (JAL) says it has not identified any loss of bank details or passwords. The breaches were detected last Friday and this Monday, involving 23 virus-infected computers, and seven of which were sending data to Hong Kong, according to the Japan Times.

JAL believes the breach began with a rogue email that introduced a virus to its network.

The airline is currently working with Tokyo police and believes the intrusion dates back as far as August 18.

This is not the first time that Japan Airlines’ frequent flier program has been subject to an attack. Back in February, hackers breached the system to lift millions of yen worth of points, which were exchanged for coupons on Amazon.

Japan Airlines say it has now blocked any unauthorized access to its systems but has not provided any further comment on the data breach and the subsequent investigation.