Silent Circle & Blackphone Launch Bug Bounty Program

Silent Circle and Blackphone, the “NSA proof” encrypted phone, have launched a bug bounty program, which will award hackers for alerting the company to flaws in the phone and their products.

Each company will be paying a minimum of $128 per bug that is reported by independent researchers. Silent Circle is looking for tips on its websites and web services as well as network and cloud infrastructure services. Blackphone is interested in bugs in its PrivatOS (the security-focused renovation of Android 4.4 Kitkat) and updates.

You can read the full guidelines for the Blackphone and Silent Circle programs.

“We have high expectations for security and privacy. In order to deliver on our expectations we must continually build a strong relationship with the security research community,” says Dr. Daniel Ford, CSO of Blackphone and Silent Circle.

“Ensuring the privacy of its users is at the core of what do, making security of the utmost importance,” added Toby Weir-Jones, CEO of Blackphone.

“By launching our Bugcrowd bug bounty program, both companies are assuring their customers that their smartphone and communication software is subjected to the latest testing and assessment techniques, while providing a form of compensation for successful contributors.”