Unlocator Smart DNS Review

You can gain access to restricted content around the world with a Smart DNS service, which will let you access sites such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC and other geo-restricted streaming services.

One company that claims to offer superb Smart DNS connections is Unlocator, which is a Smart DNS service run by Linkwork Aps, an IT company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We gave the service a try and below is a short review on our experience using Unlocator.

Unlocator   Unblock Websites the Easy Way

Unlocator Smart DNS Pricing Details

Unlocator is offering a seven-day free trial account to those who’d like to try the service first before opting for a subscription. Interested customers need not have any credit cards to sign up for the free trial account.

Free trial users will be able to test the full product for seven days. After which, they will receive an email detailing how they can subscribe to a paid account moving forward.

For a month of Smart DNS access, Unlocator is offering its service for $4.95. If subscribers choose to subscribe to a multi-month term they will be eligible for certain discounts.

Unlocator is priced at $27.50 for a six-month subscription. For a whole year of Unlocator Smart DNS services, subscribers will have to pay $49.95.

European subscribers will also have to settle VAT fees for their purchases or subscriptions. All paid accounts come with a 14-day money back guarantee. Users can cancel their subscriptions anytime.

Supported Devices

Unlocator can easily be set up on most devices or routers. Unlocator provides detailed instructions on how to set up the Smart DNS service on the users’ preferred platform.

Unlocator works on popular computer operating systems, gaming consoles, media players, smart TVs, portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, and all types of wireless routers.

Some of the many platforms that Unlocator supports are: Windows, Apple’s Mac OSX, iPhone and iPad, Ubuntu machines, Roku, Boxee, latest Playstation consoles, XBOX 360, Wii, Google TV, LG Smart TV, Android and WP8 units.

Servers and Connection Speeds

Unlocator performed well during our tests. With regards to connection speed, we didn’t experience any slowdowns even when we connected to a wireless router.

Sites You Can Access

Accessing geo-restricted websites was hassle-free. We had our team who are based in different parts of the world test out the service. Most of the team had success accessing all the geo-restricted websites we asked them to test out.

Unlocator Streaming

Unlocator claims to provide access to over 132 channels. Among the stream media Unlocator is capable of providing access are as follows: ABC, NBC, Bravo TV, Cartoon Network, CBC, AMC, CMT, ESPN, FOX, HULU, Netflix, and Pandora.

Users may also check out whether Unlocator is capable of providing access to certain websites. Here is a complete list of channels and devices that work with Unlocator.

Customer Support System

Aside from the detailed setup guide provided on the website and the ticketing system, Unlocator does not seem to provide further customer support assistance.

Unlocator Smart DNS Review Conclusion

Unlocator is a good choice for a Smart DNS service. If you can’t access popular stream websites with a VPN service, it’s worth giving Unlocator a shot.