VPN Issues Arise in iOS 8

We all know that iOS 8 by Apple is finally out, and it’s a great update. However, there are many users who have been having problems connecting to VPN services. As soon as they try to connect, they are prompted for a password even though it had been saved in a previous app install.

ios 8

Photo: Apple.com

Then there are some other problems as well. For example, the auto-reconnect feature of TunnelBear doesn’t work for many users. Such problems often crop up when a new version of iOS is released.

If you’re facing such problems, we’ve got a solution for you. When you use the iOS app of your VPN provider and are prompted for a password, you can reinstall the VPN profile. This will solve most problems. When you reinstall it, you can select a server location, and the app will install a profile on your phone for your VPN connection.

This problem occurs because iOS 7 profiles are not compatible with iOS 8.

Unless Apple finds a fix for it, the best way to connect to your VPN provider is by creating another profile. It’s a good idea to delete the old profile before you install the new one. For that, just tap on General->Profiles->Delete Profile.

This will fix the VPN logging issues found in iOS 8. The other bugs, like the autoconnect feature of TunnelBear not working will take time.

Such issues often crop up when a big vendor like Apple launches a new update. These problems are mostly found with all VPN mobile clients. Unless Apple finds a fix for these problems, we’ll have to work with this method.

Are you facing other problems related to VPN services on iOS 8? Share them with us and we might be able to come up with a solution.