How Use Smart DNS To Unblock Streaming Services

Watching movies on Netflix is a great way to spend a weekend, except if you’re from a country where Netflix is blocked. Regional content blocking is annoying, but you can easily avoid the frustration by using a VPN or Smart DNS (domain name system) connection.

A VPN allows you to hide your true IP address, encrypt your browsing session, and access blocked online content from any part of the world. But if you only want to access geographically restricted content and don’t want to hide or change your IP address, you should use Smart DNS.

Smart DNS allows an Internet-enabled device to access blocked websites from any part of the world.

A Smart DNS connection is faster than VPN. Also, you don’t have to install any applications to use it and your IP address will remain the same. It can be used on all devices that permit DNS changing. For example, you can use it on your Apple iPad, Roku, Xbox, and AppleTV.

You can install and set up a Smart DNS across a network of devices like desktop computers, smartphones, laptops, smart televisions, and gaming consoles capable of accessing the Internet. It is also compatible with almost all mobile operating systems including Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and iOS.

IP Identification & Geo-Blocking

Every device that is connected to the World Wide Web has its own IP address. These addresses are provided by your local ISP. The Internet uses the IP address to determine the geographical location of your computer or any other device that you’re using. When you try to visit a website, your device will send a request to that site asking for permission to view or stream its content. The request will also include your IP address. Using this IP address, the website can send the content to the right device.

How To Get Around Geo-Blocking

Popular websites like Hulu, Netflix, BBC, iPlayer, and MTV are not available in many parts of the world due to government or corporate censorship. These websites check the user’s IP address to decide whether they should grant them permission to view the exclusive content. You can get around these geographical restrictions by employing any method that alters, hides, or changes your true IP address. You can find free DNS codes online, but remember that installing them on your device is risky.

Here are some problems that you may encounter if you use Free DNS codes to unblock geographically restricted sites:

Threat to Privacy

The Free DNS code that you install on your device may be infested with malware. This malicious software may be used to track or steal your personal data. A reliable DNS Proxy Service will secure your data and prevent others from tracking your online activities.

Poor Streaming Quality

If you use a free DNS Proxy code, it is more likely to connect you to a proxy server that is already overloaded. As a result, the streaming quality will be poor.

Poor or No Technical Support

While finding free DNS Proxy code online is easy, it is unlikely to be accompanied by any customer support. So if your device stops working after installing the free code, you will have no one to help you.

Bad User Experience

Your free DNS codes can expire any time, which means it can just stop working at random. If that happens, you’ll have to search for another DNS code. And when that code stops working, you will have to find another. Sure it’s free, but it can get really frustrating at times.

In a Nutshell

In short, Smart DNS is the right solution if you only want to unblock websites and are not interested in hiding your IP address or encrypting your Internet session.

Here are the Smart DNS Service providers we recommend.


smart dns

Overplay offers fast connections and excellent customer support. Also, you can cancel their service whenever you want. Overplay DNS costs $4.95/month or $34/year.

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Smart DNS Proxy

smart dns

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee, and you will not have to make any payments for 14 days. It costs $4.90/month, $34.90/year.


smart dns

With a user-friendly interface, they also offer a large number of installation guides. In addition, you will get a free trial for seven days. During this period, they will not ask for your credit card details. UnblockUS costs $4.99/month or $59.88/year.



They are based in Europe and have a reputation for protecting user privacy efficiently. Their service costs $4.95/month and $36.95/year.

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Smart DNS is the smartest method to access blocked websites across the world. The Smart DNS server reroutes your geo-based information and you’ll be able to access restricted content from any part of the world. And with a good DNS server, you will not notice any drop in the speed of your Internet connection.