5 Million Gmail Passwords Allegedly Leaked

New reports have surfaced that indicate about five million Gmail accounts have been compromised with hackers posting the usernames and passwords on a Russian bitcoin forum.


Photo: 1000 Words / Shutterstock

The alleged hack has been brought to our attention by the netsec subreddit on Reddit.

A number of websites have also popped up claiming to be “checker sites” that can check if you were one of the affected. It’s advised that you do not enter any details into these sites as they may possibly be a scam. If you have used any of these sites or have any concerns, you should change your Gmail password now.

No one has verified the leak yet but a number of users on Reddit and other forums have identified their details in the cache posted online. The user that posted the credentials says about 60 percent of them are currently valid while other reports tell us that most of the accounts are based in Russia.

This is a developing story so there will be more when we have it.

According to RT, Google Russia is investigating the leak.