IronSocket Smart DNS Proxy Review

Unblocking geo-restricted websites with a VPN was so much easier back then until such websites realized something was wrong. Streaming websites like Netflix and HULU have already learned about VPN accesses and thus, they have and are constantly on the works in blocking VPN traffics.

IronSocket Smart DNS Proxy

But if you think accessing geo-targeted websites is now impossible, many VPN providers have come up with a way of still being able to access restricted websites using a technology called Smart DNS. As a matter of fact, a lot of VPN providers are now developing their own version of a Smart DNS service in order to stay relevant in the VPN and internet anonymity industry.

Ironsocket (, a company based in Hong Kong has been providing VPN services since 2005. Aside from its VPN offering, the company also provide DNS Proxy service that will allow subscribers to fully access geo-restricted content.

Here’s a summary of IronSocket’s DNS Proxy offering.

IronSocket Smart DNS Proxy Pricing Details

At present, IronSocket does not offer a separate plan or package for its DNS service. IronSocket’s DNS Proxy service comes together with the VPN, HTTP Proxy and the SOCK 5 Services. The All-in-One connection package costs $6.99 per month or $35.95 per six months or $49.95 for an annual subscription. IronSocket states that it does not log any user activity from any of its services.

IronSocket accepts various paymet method including PayPal, Credit Cards and BitCoin. Each subscription comes with a 7 day money back guarantee assurance. Trial accounts are not available as of this writing.

IronSocket Smart DNS Proxy Operating Systems

The Smart DNS Proxy service offered by IronSocket works on most platforms and devices. The company provide detailed instructions on how to configure Smart DNS on your devices. Compatible devices are as follows: Windows, Mac OSX, Apple portable devices, Android units, PlayStation Devices, XBOX consoles, Wii, Samsung SmartTV, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, Roku, Boxee, GoogleTV, LG Smart TV and Sony Internet TV. The DNS service is also compatible with wireless routers including but not limited to DD-WRT, Linksys, Netgear and Tomato router.

IronSocket Smart DNS Proxy Servers and Connection Speeds

IronSocket has a total of 324 DNS Proxy IP addresses for the users to use.

While connected to a DNS server, your connection speed would remain the same as your internet plan subscription. There won’t ever be any degradation on your connection speed. This is possible because IronSockets DNS proxy does not route your connection, thus you there is little to no impact on your connection speed.

Sites You Can Access

Most VPNs are no longer able to provide access to popular streaming websites. This is now where a Smart DNS comes very useful. Users can now continue accessing sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and 180+ more channels with IronSocket’s Smart DNS proxy.

IronSocket Support System

IronSocket subscribers can only submit support tickets for any of their concerns at the moment.

IronSocket Smart DNS Service: Verdict

IronSocket’s Smart DNS Proxy service is the perfect solution in accessing geo-restricted content online. We were happy with our experience using IronSocket’s VPN connections and we can say the same thing with its Smart DNS. As a total online bypassing tool, IronSocket is one of the cheapest but most efficient services available in the entire VPN industry today.

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