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Millions of Greeks access the Internet on a regular basis. They love to consume online content. In fact, there are numerous TV, news, and sports websites catering to the Greek audience. It is true that the Greek government does not censor the Internet; however, there are still several valid reasons to access the Internet through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

In January 2013, there was an attack on the Greek Ministry of Justice by the hacking group Anonymous against ACTA, which Greece had signed at the time and would potentially curb Internet freedom.

Country Restricted Content

Several websites use country specific content restriction techniques. When you use a VPN, you will be able to access all the restricted online content from Greece. A Virtual Private Network has several servers in many different countries. As a result, it gives you the freedom to choose whichever IP address you want, offering you unlimited access to local and international online content. A VPN can be helpful in several ways.

If you are a Greek citizen who is out of your country, you will be able to log into your bank account via a VPN without having to worry about it getting blocked. A VPN also allows tourists and Greek expats to shop at their favorite websites regardless of their geographical location.

A Greece IP VPN will give Greeks as well as foreigners unlimited access to Greek websites from any part of the world.

Here are the best five Greek VPN services:

HideMyAss Pro

HideMyAss Pro

Photo: HideMyAss

HideMyAss owns 667 servers in 85 countries and 183 locations. This allows them to offer faster connections. Thanks to the size of their network, they can unlock more blocked content than any other VPN service. They offer more than 84,393 IP addresses. You can automatically change between several different IPs after fixed time intervals. Their plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee. HideMyAss works on almost all devices, including gaming consoles and Internet enabled TVs. You will also be able to use it on two devices simultaneously.

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Express VPN Software
Photo: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN creates a tunnel between your device and the website or online application you are trying to use. This allows you to remain anonymous. They have servers in 45 countries, including the US, the UK, and Australia. When you use their service, your ISP or a possible hacker can only see one of their IP addresses. Your actual IP is never disclosed. ExpressVPN uses 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

You can freely browse from Wi-Fi hotspots without having to worry about being monitored or tracked. ExpressVPN will quietly run in the background, and their network is optimized to provide high speed Internet connections with unlimited bandwidth.

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Photo: VyprVPN

When you connect to unsecured networks, hackers will be able to steal your personal information. VyprVPN provides 256-bit AES encryption to prevent third parties from accessing your personal information. It will allow you to surf the web safely and anonymously from Greece. While some VPN services limit data speed and usage, VyprVPN gives you unlimited access to the Internet. When you use this VPN, you can not only overcome content restrictions, but also prevent your ISP from running deep packet inspection to monitor your Internet activities. Also with every VPN account, they offer 50 GB of FREE Dump Truck – Secure Online Storage.

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Boleh VPN

Photo: BolehVPN

BolehVPN offers free and unrestricted access to the Internet. Corporate censorship, restrictive governments, and geo-specific requirements can all limit the content you can access online. As BolehVPN hides your real Internet IP address, it will protect your identity from prying eyes. They also accept Dogecoin and Bitcoin for added anonymity. When you use a VPN, your ISP won’t be able to find out what content you are downloading.

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Photo: OverPlay

Their service is basically divided into two main categories – Global VPN and SmartDNS. Both versions can be used easily without any technical expertise. Overplay offers a simple user experience; however, this does not mean that they have compromised on important aspects like security. Their prices are quite competitive and they offer 24/7 online support. All of their servers are encrypted. When you get online through OpenVPN or OverPlay VPN, your sessions will be encrypted with 128-bit CBC – Blowfish.

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