OverPlay Smart DNS Review

OverPlay (http://www.overplay.net/) is undoubtedly among the best VPN service providers today. With such a reputation, OverPlay must consistently improve its service by providing what users really need. With the advent of websites blocking VPN access, OverPlay rises up to the occasion by offering a different service capable of bypassing all sorts of geographic restrictions – its very own Smart DNS service.

OverPlay SmartDNS Review

Smart DNS by OverPlay

OverPlay has been advertising its Smart DNS for quite some time now. We gave OverPlay Smart DNS a try and here are our findings and opinions based on our experience with the service.

OverPlay Smart DNS Pricing Details

OverPlay offer two options for subscribing to its Smart DNS service. The first option is buying a VPN service that includes access to its Smart DNS service, or if you are only interested in a Smart DNS connection, OverPlay also offers a Smart DNS service without VPN access.

The company’s Global VPN including Smart DNS package costs $9.95 per month, $27.95 for three months, $52.95 for six months and $99.95 for the entire year of VPN plus Smart DNS accesses. On the other hand, the Smart DNS-only package costs $4.95 per month, $13.95 per three months, $26.95 per six months and $49.95 for the entire year.

At present, OverPlay does not offer any trial accounts for either its VPN or Smart DNS service.

Supported Operating Systems

Smart DNS Overplay

OverPlay’s Smart DNS service basically works on all operating systems and Internet-capable devices. You can set up OverPlay’s Smart DNS servers on Windows, Mac OSX, Apple devices, Android and other smartphones. It will also work on an Apple TV, Boxee, PS3, Xbox 360 and on a Roku box.

OverPlay provide easy-to-follow guides in configuring Smart DNS on your preferred device. The company provide detailed instructions in setting up its services on various platforms.

After setting up OverPlay Smart DNS on a device of your choice, you simply need to reboot your device and that’s about it. You can already bypass geographic restrictions and enjoy the content you’re interested in.

Smart DNS Servers and Connection Speeds

Once you’ve set up OverPlay Smart DNS, you can already access all the streaming websites you want. Users connected to a Smart DNS server can enjoy fast Internet connections – technically, your ISP speed isn’t compromised. This is probably the biggest advantage of a Smart DNS over a VPN connection. Since VPNs use a lot of encryption within its network, the connection speed tends to deteriorate. Smart DNS does not provide any kind of encryption; therefore your ISP speed is the same as when you’re connected to a Smart DNS server.

In order to check whether your Smart DNS connection is working or not, you can check OverPlay’s diagnostic page to find out if your Smart DNS has been set up successfully.

Sites You Can Access

Basically, all websites! Without using any DNS service, you won’t be able to access Netflix or Hulu from outside of the United States. These geographically restricted websites are even blocking VPN services.

Access OverPay Smart DNS

With OverPlay’s DNS Service, you can access Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, VuDU, Amazon Prime, iTV Player, BBC and many more! If Facebook or Twitter is blocked in your country of residence, you can also use Smart DNS to bypass such censorship or restrictions.

OverPlay Support System

While OverPlay offer two amazing services, one of the things that it lacks is good customer service. The company does have a live support option but it seems like it’s not available most of the time. There is also no phone number listed on the website and its knowledge base also seem very limited. So the only available customer service platform is via a ticketing system. OverPlay should up their game and provide better customer service systems.

OverPlay Smart DNS Service: Verdict

OverPlay’s Smart DNS service worked as advertised by the company. We had a wonderful experience accessing all the geo-restricted websites we could think of. We would recommend OverPlay’s Smart DNS service, as well as its top-notch VPN services to anyone looking to bypass online censorship.

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