IPVanish Adds Bitcoin To Its List of Payment Options

IPVanish has added another payment method – Bitcoin cryptocurrency – to their list of global payment options. With Bitcoin, users can enjoy absolute anonymity as it is completely untraceable and 100 percent private. While IPVanish provides services for users to stay safe from hackers; with this latest payment addition, user identity can be protected from the VPN service itself.


Bitcoin is a payment system that is completely digital. Having a decentralized peer-to-peer network, it has no middleman or central authority. From a layman’s perspective, it’s simply online cash.

There are many benefits of using Bitcoin for online transactions:

No third-party capture

There are many redundant copies of the transaction database, so nobody can capture Bitcoins. This means that the government cannot freeze anyone’s account, which gives you complete control over your money.

No tracking

A transaction cannot be traced back to the user. Also, nobody other than the user himself knows how many Bitcoins there are in his wallet. This is a unique feature that is not available in other online payment methods.

No transaction costs

The transaction costs of sending and receiving Bitcoins are negligible. Compare that with other online payment methods that cover some percentage of your amount as their fees.


Bitcoins cannot be stolen unless a hacker has physical access to the user’s computer. It is much safer than conventional currency.

With the rising number of cases related to hacking and malware propagation, many users have opted for VPN services. With a VPN, any user can surf the Internet safely and hide behind any IP address of his choice. This in turn helps in bypassing censorship, protecting online data, stopping ISP throttling, acting as a virtual firewall, and protecting sensitive data while using public networks.

With Bitcoin, IPVanish will be able to attract more users to its network of more than 135 servers in 60 countries, covering over 14,000 IP addresses. Many people from around the world have already subscribed to their services to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, and sports events.

How to use Bitcoin safely?

Although Bitcoin has many advantages, it’s always wise to have a secure wallet, just like in real life. As a user, it’s your responsibility to adopt safe practices for protection of your money.

Be careful with online services

There have been several security breaches in the past and hackers were able to steal money as in a bank robbery. When you select a Bitcoin wallet, make sure you select it wisely and read reviews.

Keep small amounts

Just like it’s not good to keep thousands of dollars in your wallet, it’s not safe to keep a large number of Bitcoins in your online wallet. You can keep a small amount of Bitcoins in your wallet, and the remaining in a safe environment.

Use the latest software

By using the latest version of Bitcoin software, you can stay protected from online fraud. Make sure to install updates for other software in your computer as well, so that the environment is safe for Bitcoin transactions.

To encourage more customers to use this new payment method, IPVanish is currently offering 15 percent off the first billing cycle on new accounts that use Bitcoin.