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Cyprus is a small island country and member state of the European Union that’s geographically situated south of Turkey, west of Syria and Lebanon, northwest of Israel, north of Egypt and east of Greece.


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Compared to these surrounding countries, Cyprus does not have any specific laws governing Internet censorship. However, it is still ideal to use a VPN to assure high level of cyber security and privacy while surfing the web.

One of the challenges that Cypriote Internet users face is accessing American content. Like other countries, there is no straightforward way of accessing US-only streaming websites other than using a VPN service.

In order to enjoy the wide selection of videos from prominent sites like Hulu, Netfix and Amazon Prime, users will have to subscribe to a reliable VPN service in Cyprus.

Use VPN for Anonymity and Security

Aside from allowing access to foreign websites, a VPN is also used to get unmatched cyber protection. Users living in Cyprus can use a VPN service in order to assure online security and privacy.

Ensure that you have spy-proof browsing activities. When you are sending personal information over the Internet or communicating with others, having a VPN will come in handy because in times like these, we can’t be too lax when it comes to our privacy and security.

There are hundreds of VPN service providers out there but only a few will work well in Cyprus. We present to you the top five VPN service providers which we think are best used in accessing and unblocking websites from Cyprus.

The Nominees: Best Cyprus VPN 2014


StrongVPN is among the few VPN service providers that actually have servers located in Cyprus. The VPN company can provide a US, UK or Netherland IP address while in Cyprus. StrongVPN has over 440 servers across 20 countries, with 80,000 IPs available to users worldwide.

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HideMyAss, still the world’s most popular VPN service houses a server with 51 IP addresses in Cyprus. HideMyass has been regarded by VPN users and experts as the best VPN service for years now. With over 650 servers located in different parts of the globe, it provides quality VPN connections to users looking to bypass all types of Internet censorship and restrictions.

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IPVanish is a quality VPN service that can help Cypriote users access American and UK streaming services. The company now has 135 servers in 59 countries and 73 cities – which is quite impressive. It is one of the best and fastest VPN services in the entire VPN industry today.

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TorGuard bypasses geographic restrictions imposed by streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu so you can access them even while in Cyprus. TorGuard has over 200 servers installed in 18 different countries. This VPN service allows P2P file sharing and values user data and privacy to the utmost extent.

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Vypr VPN. If you want to unblock websites from Cyprus, you should use VyprVPN. The company is considered by many as one of the fastest VPN services today. With a servers worldwide and 200,000+ IPs, VyprVPN is certainly one of the most dependable VPN services in the entire VPN industry.

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Which VPN service provider do you think provide the best VPN connections? Vote for your favorite Cyprus VPN.

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