HideMyAss Expand Their VPN Network

This would come as good news to millions of HideMyAss Pro VPN users and others who’ve been planning to use a VPN service. HideMyAss has expanded their VPN network by adding 15 new countries and 20 new servers to their network, which is already one of the largest in the world. Their network consists of 673 servers, operating from 189 locations. Thanks to this expansion, their users have access to a gigantic pool of more than 85,000 IP addresses now.

HideMyAss Network

Photo: HideMyAss

Hide My Ass are also running a promotion that gives their new users unlimited HideMyAss Pro VPN access. Prices start at $6.55 per month. It is not uncommon for VPN providers to expand their network, but this is one of the biggest one-time expansion we have seen.

HideMyAss already has the largest network in the world. By using their services, you will be able to access 673 servers spread across 91 countries.

Check out the list of 15 new countries that HideMyAss just added to their network.

Kiribati, Vanuatu, Myanmar, Rwanda, Guinea-Bissau, Gabon, Georgia, Belarus, Namibia, Botswana, Benin, Republic of Djibouti, and Burkina Faso.

HideMyAss supports several VPN protocols including PPTP and OpenVPN. OpenVPN is the more secure of these two and makes connecting from your PC, Mac or a Linux-based device easier. PPTP and L2TP are compatible with mobile devices as well. So if you want to securely access the Internet on your mobile phone, you will have to use either L2TP or PPTP.

The fact that it supports all major protocols gives HideMyAss an edge over their competition. While OpenVPN and L2TP use 256-bit encryption, PTPP uses 128-bit encryption. HideMyAss also offers free services that show their dedication to online security.

They have a friendly and knowledgeable support team that answers your questions within one or maximum two business days. While they don’t promise 24 / 7 support, they are available most of the time.

HideMyAss’ client offers several features that improve user experience. Although their mobile clients are not as great as their desktop ones, they are working hard on improving it. In addition to offering superior quality VPN services, they offer lots of other freebies which make their service worth using.

The large size of their network makes HideMyAss an excellent option for people who frequently travel around the globe. As they have servers in as many as 91 countries, they are capable of offering reliable VPN access to their clients, no matter where they are in the world. Also, when you use HideMyAss, you have the freedom to switch between servers whenever you want to.

Their latest expansion must have taken them a lot of hard work. We are confident that we will get to see many more expansions in the coming months and years.

If you haven’t already used HideMyAss’s VPN, now is the time to try it. They offer a great promotion at the moment. You can enjoy unlimited VPN for a year for just $6.55/month. Their 30 day money back guarantee covers all new customers. So you can try the service free of risk.