PSN, Riot Games Suffer from DDoS Spree

In one of the most specifically targeted attack sprees of the summer, this weekend several of the largest gaming networks in the business went offline after being slammed with a series of DDoS attacks, which left hundreds of thousands of gamers wildly mashing their keyboards and controllers as they dropped time and time again from their favorite digital pastimes.

The first network to go down was that of Sony’s, which controls all servers responsible for hosting games on the Sony Network. Console gamers found themselves staring at a “connection issue” screen for nearly half a day when trying to login from their Playstations, as the company scrambled to mount a defensive strategy that would get things up and running again as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Sony’s President of Online Entertainment John Smedley confirmed the issue on his personal Twitter moments after their servers went down.

Next came Blizzard, famous for the MMORPG World of Warcraft, but also host to a number of PC favorites, including the real-time strategy phenomena Starcraft, and the recent upstart trading card game Hearthstone. Players waited in queues for up to an hour as they tried to fruitlessly to login when the service went down for the first time late on Friday night, and even longer as stability remained spotty through all of Saturday and Sunday morning.

“It has come to our attention that there are server issues occurring that presently are preventing many players from logging into the app and playing any of our games. We are currently underway with a full investigation to be able to get everyone back online as soon as possible. Thank you all in advance for your patience as we work to resolve this matter.”

Riot, publisher of the world’s most popular online game of the year League of Legends, strained under the weight of a botnet, which primarily affected players on the North America servers, however the issue only compounded on top of itself for the rest of the world once those within the region started flooding to their EU, SEA, and Asia accounts to keep the kills racking up and the experience points flowing.

The company commented on the threat on the game’s official forums earlier this morning:

“Defending against DDOS attacks is an arms race that we will always be engaged in, and we are committed to reducing the pain you all feel as swiftly as possible when the service is being impacted by malicious attacks.”

Other games and publishers included in the assault were the online space simulator Eve Online, and its older flash-based cousin RuneScape, both of which suffered hours of lag, outages, and login in issues while their front doors were barraged with barrels of botted bandwidth.

So far the only group to step forward and claim responsibility for the mess is an unknown ring of hackers calling themselves the “Lizard Squad”, who posted on Twitter a few hours ago spouting something about an end to Sony’s “greed”, and singling out Blizzard for being “cash-hungry mongrels” who only care about the bottom line more than they do the quality of their games.

Overall the message seems a bit muddled, and the account already seems to be on the defensive as members of the hacktivist collective Anonymous attempted to steal the login credentials, and plant a black flag on their home turf in retaliation for the downtime on their PS4’s.

No word yet on any official investigations into the matter, but be sure to stay tuned to VPNCreative for all the latest updates as this once-in-an-extra-life attack continues.