Telegraph Stories are ‘Forgotten’

The Telegraph in the UK has drawn attention to a number of links to its stories that have been removed by Google due to the right to be forgotten ruling.

right to be forgotten

Photo: Gil C / Shutterstock

Much like the Guardian, the newspaper has gone ahead and published a piece informing its readers of the link removal requests that have been granted.

Deputy head of technology Matthew Sparkes writes that one request involves a student drunkenly driving his car in 2008 around his college campus and crashing with a number of police officers called to the scene.

A second case comes from 2001 where one person “terrorised” a shopkeeper and his wife while stealing from the store.

Another new example, from 2001, involved a sales director who “terrorised” a shopkeeper and his wife while stealing beer and damaging a security camera in an incident before a football game. The shopkeeper subsequently needed four stitches.

Sparkes goes on to say that a number of other stories from 2010 and 2003 have also been removed.

Paul Gershlick, an intellectual property attorney told the Telegraph that the ruling leaves many “unanswered questions” as applicants can ask for something to be removed if it is irrelevant but that remains undefined. “The judgment itself leaves a lot of unanswered questions, such as how long you have to go back before something is deemed out of date,” he said.