Behind-the-Scenes Look at EFF’s Anti-NSA Protests

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is one of the NSA’s harshest critics and has been following the construction of the NSA’s colossal data center in Bluffdale, Utah, which culminated in a protest co-organized with Greenpeace, where the duo flew a giant airship over the facility, bearing the slogan “Illegal Spying Below”.

Photo: EFF

Photo: EFF

The June 27 stunt gathered plenty of news coverage, which was exactly what they wanted in the hopes of drawing further attention to mass surveillance and where all the data is stored.

EFF has now teamed up with director Brian Knappenberger, best known of late for directing The Internet’s Own Boy, to reveal a short documentary clip where EFF and Greenpeace explain their motives and what went into building and flying the airship.

“While it is only one of several data centers, for many people the Bluffdale facility has become a symbol [of] out-of-control, unconstitutional, dragnet surveillance, as well as a threat to the environment,” said Brian Knappenberger says. “I thought it was important to document this audacious attempt to raise awareness of this secretive facility and pressure Congress to rein in the NSA.”

The protest urges people to visit and to contact their congressman or woman.

“Now it’s time for Congress to build a diverse coalition to pass meaningful reform. We launched an airship, they need to land a bill on the president’s desk,” said Rainey Reitman, EFF’s Activism Director.

Check out the short doc below: