John McAfee Says Facebook & Google Has Eroded Privacy

The infamous John McAfee has condemned Facebook and Google for killing privacy at a number of events in Las Vegas this week, which he came out of the woodwork for.

Last night McAfee was revealed as the “covert” keynote speaker at this week’s Defcon 22 Skytalks in Las Vegas while at BSides earlier this week he spoke of the “tragedy” that Facebook had perpetrated on privacy.

“How did this happen to us? It happened because we did not give a shit,” he said, reports Infosecurity. “It happened because we allowed a technology to run away with itself and because it made our lives easier and more convenient we did not care.”

In his announcement on Wednesday that he would be joining Defcon on Friday to speak publically he stated:

“Our fundamental right to privacy is being eroded at an alarming rate by invasive and misappropriated technology, and as privacy is diminished, so are our freedoms. We must take a stand now and join forces, or I fear this erroneous turn will soon become irreversible.”

McAfee is an outspoken figure in the tech world and a controversial one, having spent a number of years on the run for supposed drug crimes and his alleged part in a murder in Belize. Earlier this year, authorities in Belize said they were no longer pursuing McAfee for imprisonment but have auctioned off all his assets. McAfee now lives in Montreal after his Belizean home was burned down under “suspicious circumstances”.