Two More Talks Cancelled at Black Hat

Two more talks have been pulled from the Black Hat conference, which kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas, following the cancellation of the notorious hacking Tor panel a few weeks ago.

black hat

Photo: Kentoh / Shutterstock

One talk relates to hacking into home alarm systems while the other concerns “Snake”, a Russian espionage campaign, according to Reuters.

Black Hat has seen cancellations before but three in quick succession is unusual.

“It sort of comes with the territory when you have the latest and sometimes controversial research scheduled to be presented on stage,” said spokeswoman Meredith Corley.

Logan Lamb of Oakridge National Laboratory was scheduled to deliver his talk, ‘Home insecurity: no alarms, false alarms and sigint’, and its abstract has since been removed from the Black Hat website. It’s reported that the abstract stated it was “generalized approach” to compromising major home security systems.

Meanwhile, security researcher from BAE Systems Sergei Shevchenko has cancelled his talk ‘Dissecting Snake’.

“We are not now speaking on this at Black Hat as we are in the midst of writing a new report on Snake that we anticipate will be published in September,” said a spokesperson for Shevchenko.

We’ll have more news coming out of Black Hat as the conference progresses, so check back with us over the coming days.