Latest Snowden Reveal: NSA Targets Gaza, Feeds Israel Surveillance Info

With all the fighting in the Middle East over the past few weeks, one has to wonder if Snowden & Friends are simply waiting for the most opportune moment to drop a bomb, then letting documents fly without any concern for what’s left of the fallout.

Either way, this week Glenn Greenwald used his new publication platform The Intercept to reveal a covert NSA program, titled “YESTERNIGHT”, which was commissioned and designed to spy on communications in the Gaza Strip, and feed whatever information gets picked up off the wires and out of the air right back to the state of Israel.

Israel and the United States have longstanding ties to one another, and have often aided each other in keeping a tight grip on the increasingly tense situations that have a tendency to flare up in the region as a result of religious and political differences.

While the link between those two countries is well-known/documented, surprisingly the leaks also name Canada and Britain as co-conspirators in the whole mess, both of whom provided a significant amount of data and computing power to keeping a close eye on any emerging terrorist organizations as they started to gain traction in recent years.

The NSA collaborates with Israel’s intelligence agency, the SIGINT National Unit (ISNU), in order to gather gobs of data on troop movements, military operations, and supply chains that Hamas uses.

“[The] new Snowden documents illustrate a crucial fact: Israeli aggression would be impossible without the constant, lavish support and protection of the U.S. government, which is anything but a neutral, peace-brokering party in these attacks,” wrote Greenwald. “The relationship between the NSA and its partners on the one hand, and the Israeli spying agency on the other, is at the center of that enabling.”


Photo: The Intercept

Of course, intelligence briefings aren’t the only thing the US is shipping across the Dead Sea, with arms, highly-trained operatives, and cold hard cash flowing into the country on an almost weekly basis in order to establish a presence in the Middle East and keep Israel on their side.

And although on the surface this may seem like a mutually beneficial relationship based on a common goal, the documents, dated April 13, also reveal that the United States doesn’t trust Israel with everything they give them, and have several other covert operations designed to keep an eye open to be sure that they use their nuclear capability responsibly, and don’t run amok with the power they’ve been handed by their “allies” across the pond.

Both the Obama administration and Congress have spent the past several days condemning the actions of Israel, threatening to pull international support, place sanctions on vital trade routes, and even declare a state of emergency through which Israel would have to fight tooth and nail to regain the same privileges they had before the shelling of Gaza began.

Whether or not the military actions continue for another three days, three weeks, months, or years, it’s clear that the US has no intention of letting Gaza or their current aggressors out of their sights anytime soon.