Family Falls Victim to “Social Engineering” on Xbox

Is there a new Xbox vulnerability on the horizon? According to one family in Florida there may very well be with father Bryan Reid claiming his 12-year-old son’s Xbox account was hacked and credit card information was stolen.


Photo: Stefano Tinti / Shutterstock

Speaking with local news outlet News4Jax, Reid claimed that a hacker posed as another gamer and charged the young boy, Hunter, $500 via the card paired with the Xbox account, which the family’s bank said was made to a “software firm overseas”.

The Reids say they were hacked but this is more of a case of social engineering online, says Chris Hamer, a tech expert quoted by New4Jax, and using identical passwords across different accounts.

“If you’ve used the same username and password, or you’ve revealed your gamer tag on a website that’s gotten compromised or a forum — for a lot of people looking for cheats or ways to improve their game and when they do that, sometimes they’ll use the same password, and that site in itself is designed to draw them in to give up that information,” said Hamer.

“Parents need to understand that when you give a credit card, certainly not a debit card, to let your kid play games, people out there will take it,” added Bryan Reid.

Hamer went on to recommend using prepaid cards for gaming and never keep card info on file for games.

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