The Internet Kill Switch — Your Protective Shield When VPN Fails

It is common among most software companies to employ VPN servers to get an additional layer of security. This ensures that the online activity of their systems is hidden from prying eyes.

However, even the most robust systems are prone to occasional failures. During one of such failure, when their system disconnects from the existing VPN server, the in/out data packets are generally routed through the normal ISP connection. This leaves their activity exposed, making it potentially dangerous for enterprise security.

Temporary drop in the VPN servers can cause data breaches. The sensitive information of the company along with the remote system’s locations can be at risk.

At present, using Internet kill switch facilities are the single most effective solution to this problem. An Internet kill switch facility is simply an application that monitors your computer’s Internet connection. A temporary drop in the VPN connection is indicated by a change in the IP, as the connection shifts from the VPN to your regular ISP. As the name suggests, an Internet kill switch “kills” your current Internet connection when an unprecedented change is detected.

Ideally, it is suggested to go for a VPN that offers a built-in kill switch. Most popular VPN providers typically offer an integrated kill switch facility. Identifying which VPNs offer a built-in feature can be a little tricky. Moreover, each VPN provider gives a different moniker to their company’s Internet kill switch technology. Simply going through a list of features on the websites of VPN providers is not sufficient, because advertising is not always an accurate reflection of quality.

VPN Providers That Come With Built-In Kill Switches

You need to use the right VPN connection to get the maximum benefit from it. An ideal VPN connection is the one that comes with a built-in Internet kill switch option. This will ensure that you won’t need to install any third party applications.

Private Internet Access

Of late, Private Internet Access has earned the reputation for being the market leader in encryption and online anonymity. PIA has the distinction of being the first VPN provider to offer a built-in kill switch facility in the industry. Additionally, PIA also offers DNS leak protection.

Hide My Ass

HideMyAss is renowned for the highly efficient software that comes bundled with its application. Its Internet kill switch technology is called Secure IP-Bind. Users are recommended to access this service right from within the application. This will give them access to HMA’s latest random IP switching technology.

Pure VPN

Pure VPN is among the most trusted VPN providers in the market, and they have recently added the kill switch feature to their services. They also offer auto-redial feature that will reconnect the VPN if it disconnects due to any reason.

Torguard VPN

Torguard is popular with regular torrent users. It offers a variety of special services in addition to the Internet kill switch. The no logs policy and DNS leak protection services make it a very lucrative option. Torguard has a server presence in more than 15 countries. As an added bonus, it also provides a secure encrypted proxy service purely for torrents. VPN

When it comes to online anonymity, has made all the right moves. They’ve grabbed the market attention by providing the most popular VPN features at the most competitive prices in the entire market. DNS leak protection, Internet kill switch, no logs policy, and even an iOS/Android application. They also have a first-of-its-kind transparency policy in the industry. All illegal requests and any action taken against them are promptly documented.

However, if for some reason you do not wish to disconnect your Internet for temporary drops in VPN services, there are other alternatives that you can avail of:

  • VPNetMon is a useful freeware program that automatically closes particular programs whenever a change in IP is detected. The application makes a note of the IP that you choose to associate with your system’s VPN. The listed programs are then available for access directly from the VPNNetMon user interface. If the VPN fails, the VPNNetMon will automatically close all the sensitive programs that you have previously chosen. A major advantage of this feature is that there is no loss of Internet connectivity in case of a VPN service drop. All your sensitive data and software remain anonymously hidden. Additionally, you can even perform an autodial operation to your VPN.
  • VPN Watcher is a new freeware program that offers monitoring and suspension abilities rather than straight away closing the programs.

These were just a few options that provide efficient VPN services. For a software business environment, online security is a serious issue. Including Internet kill switch option in your system is highly recommended to keep your anonymity and safety of your company and employees.

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