Sony Offers Settlement in Data Breach Case

Sony has offered a $15 million settlement in the class action lawsuit taken against it by users affected by the 2011 data breach on the Playstation Network.


Photo: Nata-Lia/ Shutterstock

The “external intrusion” in April 2011 was blamed on Anonymous, which saw names, passwords and payment details leaked.

The fiasco was a bit of a nightmare for Sony, which tried to calm the fires by offering free games to users in response but was still met with a £250,000 fine in the UK for violating the Data Protection Act.

Sony’s settlement offer in this case would see many users who didn’t avail of the reparation in 2011 get more free games but the settlement is pending a judge’s approval. Some users will be able to benefit from monetary reward up to $2,500 per claim, according to Engadget.

Check out Sony’s statement on the matter:

A proposed settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuits arising from the April 2011 criminal cyber-attacks on the PlayStation Network, Qriocity, and Sony Online Entertainment services. Information regarding the proposed settlement, which is subject to final approval by the Court, is available in the settlement agreement and other documents filed with the Court. While we continue to deny the allegations in the class action lawsuits, most of which had been previously dismissed by the trial court, we decided to move forward with a settlement to avoid the costs associated with lengthy litigation. To date, the Sony entities have received no confirmed reports of identity theft linked to the attacks, and there is no evidence that anyone’s credit card information was accessed. We are glad that the parties are working toward a resolution of this matter and that our gamers will continue to enjoy our entertainment services.

The full court documents for Sony’s settlement offer can viewed here