Best VPN for Gaming

When it comes to online gaming, every millisecond counts. The slightest delay could very much impact the entire game play. Online gamers value their Internet connections, speed and ping rates very much. If you want to get the best or even just a decent online gaming experience, then you’ll have to spend a bit more for your Internet speed.

vpn for gaming

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The cyber world now has more gamers than ever. More and more people are getting hooked on video games particularly to online games. There are basically hundreds of games available today. Unfortunately, not all games are readily playable by everybody.

Some games are simply geo-restricted; meaning gamers from certain geographic locations are only allowed to play. There are also demo releases and other features only available to individuals residing in certain countries.

But there’s no stopping gamers from enjoying popular games. There are ways for gamers to reach restricted areas to play and unblock content from geo-targeted websites or gaming platforms.

Using a VPN usually does the trick. Not only will a VPN provide you access to geo-restricted sites, but it will also keep your browsing and gaming habits as secured as possible.

Choosing a VPN for Online Gaming

Choosing a VPN service for online gaming isn’t that easy. There are various factors that you need to consider before signing up with a VPN service.

There’s the compatibility issue with your gaming computer, console and even your Internet connection. You’ll also need to consider the reliability of the servers the VPN provider has. Also, you’ll want to subscribe to a VPN service that has little to no slowdowns in order to enjoy your gaming activities without delays and lags.

To help you save some trouble in finding a good VPN service. Below are five of the most frequently used and recommended VPN services for online gaming.

The Best VPN for Gaming 2014: The Nominees


IPVanish VPN. When it comes to online gaming, IPVanish is probably the most popular choice for a VPN service. IPVanish is a VPN company based in the US with more than 135 servers located in 59+ countries. The service provides unlimited traffic and exceptional connection speeds which is ideal for online gaming. IPVanish VPN costs $10 per month.


PureVPN. Experiencing latency problems while playing your favourite online game? Use PureVPN and reduce game load time, reduce latency ping and just enjoy playing online hassle-free. PureVPN, based out of Hong Kong is a VPN company established in 2006. The VPN service offer 300+ servers in 45 countries. For $6.95 per month, you can unblock all restricted content you want.


Private Internet Access. Private Internet Access is a US-based company offering an amazing VPN service. With its massive collection of servers and locations, PIA makes it more convenient, lag-less and definitely log-less to surf and play games online anytime and anywhere. The service is available at $3.33 per month.


CactusVPN. CactusVPN is a popular VPN service offering anonymity solutions for surfing, streaming and gaming online. CactusVPN was launched in 2012 with servers in US, UK and Netherlands. For under $5 per month, gamers can have access to CactusVPN’s growing number of servers.


Cyberghost. Cyberghost is also an excellent choice for a VPN for online gaming. This VPN service offers a fast, simple yet efficient way of protecting your online activities, privacy and data. Cyberghost hosts over 300 servers in more than 20 countries. Cyberghost is available for free or for premium access of $6 per month.

For gamers that are already using the VPN services above for their gaming activities, please vote for the VPN service you think provide the best gaming experience.

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