Wall Street Journal & Vice Hit By Russian Hacker W0rm

The Wall Street Journal and Vice.com appear to have been made vulnerable by Russian hacker(s) W0rm, the same culprit behind the recent CNET attack.

Both Vice and WSJ have confirmed that some sort of breach occurred this week on their respective systems. The Wall Street Journal’s graphics systems were hacked, which the media outlet confirmed late on Tuesday night, adding that no users were affected. “We are investigating an incident related to wsj.com’s graphics systems. At this point we see no evidence of any impact to Dow Jones customers or customer data,” said a WSJ spokeswoman.

Vice meanwhile confirmed to SC Magazine that its content management system was accessed and compromised its users. Vice’s spokesperson said the hole has since been patched and passwords reset.

W0rm tends to post evidence of his/her/their attacks on Twitter and this week posted a number of images detailing that they had accessed the backend of these websites. See below and check out more here and here.

w0rm tweet

W0rm recently compromised tech news site CNET and said that they had done so to raise awareness of the site’s flaws but also threatened to sell the encrypted database for a Bitcoin. It seems as if the intentions are the same here, tweeting out “Vice.com #hacked db for sell”.

Last Sunday, the account even tweeted its Bitcoin wallet address to receive payments for the CNET data.

It’s still not known if W0rm is an individual or a group.

The Wall Street Journal is working with cybersecurity company IntelCrawler to investigate the breach. The firm’s CEO Andrew Komarov stated:

“We confirmed there is the opportunity to get access to any database on the wsj.com server, a list of over 20 databases hosted on this server.”

He explained that the compromised info would allow the holder to “modify articles, add new content, insert malicious content in any page, add new users, delete users and so on.”