There’s Some New Malware Roaming on Facebook

There’s a new malicious link doing the rounds on Facebook of late, which entices users into clicking a link of what appears to be a woman undressing on a webcam.

Bitdefender made the discovery of the malware, which could steal your personal information by luring users into the clicking the link, which appears to be a funny video on YouTube.

If you click the link, you will be redirected to a fake Adobe update that installs this particularly nasty Trojan on your computer. The hackers have also used to mask the links. is a legit link shortening tool that is widely used and makes it easy for an unsuspecting user to click.

“Scammers have created over 20,000 unique URLs that redirect victims to malicious websites and a fake alluring YouTube video, showing a woman taking her clothes off on a webcam,” said Bitdefender’s chief security strategist Catalin Cosoi, in The Guardian.

“The video seems to actually play for a couple of seconds to entice male users to click. Malware writers faked the number of views so the video seems to have been watched by over a million users.”

The malicious file is named Trojan.Agent.BDYV and will spread posts and tags across Facebook that you will not be able to delete.

“We advise users to exercise caution before clicking on Facebook videos,” says Catalin Cosoi.

“Keep your antivirus solution and other software updated and warn your friends if you believe they are at risk of becoming malware victims.”

Malware such as this is not new to Facebook with a couple of cases popping up last year but the hackers behind these schemes are becoming even more savvy in duping users into clicking.