VPN iPhone App Review

The iPhone is certainly one of the most popular technological innovations of all time. More and more people are now opting for an iPhone than other alternatives – which is why hackers have become more interested than ever in targeting iPhone users.

Not all VPN providers offer a dedicated client for the iPhone. If you’re an iPhone user and overall security is what you seek, then you should give SEED4.Me a shot.

The VPN provider offer a dedicated VPN client for iOS as well as Android devices. The app can be downloaded on iTunes for free. After seven days though, you’ll be required to sign up for a SEED4.Me VPN account in order to continue having VPN access on your iPhone.

Seed4me iphone

Once downloaded, it shouldn’t be difficult to set up the VPN on the iPhone. After installing the app, you will have to choose a VPN country and it will automatically import the setting for you. It should only take about five seconds to complete importing the settings.

At the moment, you may only choose from five countries namely US, UK, Hong Kong, Russia and the Netherlands. The five selections should be enough as these locations / IP addresses cover the most popular streaming sites on the Internet today.

Now that you have the VPN settings on your iPhone, it’s time to establish the VPN connection. Simply tap the “Connect” button and you’re good to go.

The VPN app also has a feature for automating VPN connections. This will ensure that all outgoing connections made through an open Wi-Fi network are properly encrypted.

From our experience testing SEED4.Me on an iPhone, we can say that it works pretty well. Our only complaint about the service is invitational-based registration, meaning only invited users are able to join the club which only happens when there are new servers added to the VPN infrastructure.

But other than that, we can’t say negative things about the service, as there aren’t really. As a matter of fact, we are even recommending it to iPhone users. Give the service a try for seven days and see how it works for you.

For a detailed information about SEED4.Me’s service offerings, here’s our comprehensive review on the VPN service provider.