China Calls Apple a National Security Threat

State media in China has criticized Apple and the labelled the company a national security threat over the iPhone’s tracking features.


Photo: blvdone / Shutterstock

Researchers interviewed by the China’s CCTV took aim at the Frequent Locations feature in particular, saying it is a danger as it reveals location data of the user and invades privacy. More specifically, the report says that someone with access to this data could gain knowledge of “state secrets”.

Reuters reports:

“This is extremely sensitive data,” said a researcher interviewed by the broadcaster. If the data were accessed, it could reveal an entire country’s economic situation and “even state secrets,” the researcher said.

CCTV adds that Apple would “take on any legal responsibilities” if such a scenario plays out. Apple has not commented on the criticisms yet.

The news report broadcast focused on the Snowden leaks, which sparked these concerns. Apple has been criticized by state media in China before as have a lot of US tech companies, especially Google.

Just yesterday it was revealed that month long disruptions to Google’s services in China had finally stopped.