Snowden Requests Extension for Asylum in Russia

Edward Snowden has officially applied to extend his asylum in Russia, reports the BBC. His permit officially expires in July.

“The procedure is very simple if a citizen of any country would like to stay and live in Russia. In this case we are talking about Snowden, so we have fulfilled the procedure to receive temporary asylum,” said Anatoly Kucherena, Snowden’s lawyer, who was speaking with Russian media. “We have submitted documents to prolong his stay in Russia.”

The BBC reports:

Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden officially asks to extend Russia stay after visa expiry, lawyer says

The news follows comments that Hillary Clinton made last week, stating that Snowden should have fair legal and public defense if he was to return to the US but it would be his decision ultimately.

Tensions are fraught between the US and Russia with regards to cyber matters, this was exacerbated yesterday when it was revealed that the US had arrested an alleged Russian hacker, who happened to be the son of a parliamentarian. Russia heavily criticized the US over the move.

Snowden’s request for extending his asylum will add new layers to this latest saga.

Russia’s Federal Migration Service will be making the decision on the matter. There is no word yet on how long it takes to process such a request.

More to come shortly.